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What's included?

Instagram Color Palette

Uncover the vibrant and captivating color palette that defines your Instagram feed. Explore the dominant colors that dominate your posts and gain insights into the overall aesthetic of your profile.

Instagram Profile Color

We seamlessly blend the dominant colors of your feed, offering a unique and personalized color scheme that mirrors your online persona.

Aesthetic Score

Instagram Aesthetic Score

We assess your Instagram Aesthetic Score to ensure that your feed is always in harmony and visually appealing.

Consistency Score

Instagram Consistency Score

Colorkuler's Consistency Score offers a straightforward metric to assess the uniformity of your Instagram feed's color palette, helping maintain a compelling and consistent aesthetic.

Who can benefit from Colorkuler?

People who care about aesthetics

Are you someone who values aesthetics and wants to curate a visually pleasing Instagram feed? Colorkuler is the perfect tool for individuals who care deeply about the visual appeal of their social media profiles.

Gain insights into the dominant colors of your posts, and effortlessly create a personalized color scheme that resonates with your aesthetic preferences.


Colorkuler is a valuable tool for creators who want to enhance the visual impact of their work. Whether you're a graphic designer, illustrator, or artist, our Instagram color palette generator can help you discover the dominant colors that define your creative style.

Unleash your creativity with Colorkuler and bring a cohesive and captivating aesthetic to your social media presence.


As a photographer, the colors you capture are an essential part of your visual storytelling. Colorkuler is a must-have resource for photographers who want to uncover the color palette that represents their unique photographic style.

Gain insights into the dominant colors that appear in your Instagram feed, and create a harmonious color scheme that complements your photographic artistry.


In the digital age, visual branding plays a crucial role in attracting and engaging customers. Colorkuler offers immense value to brands looking to establish a strong and consistent visual identity on Instagram. Discover the color palette that best represents your brand and seamlessly integrate it into your online presence.

Captivate your audience, build brand recognition, and leave a lasting impression with Colorkuler.


“Everyone has been sharing the color palette of their Instagram lately, which is yours? Of course, they didn’t use the color picker in Photoshop to draw a conclusion: instead, Colorkuler did the work for them.” — Freepik


“Colorkuler doesn't care you who are. It doesn't care what you're about. It just wants you to know what your color palette is, regardless of how monochromatic it might be.” — BuzzFeed


“It doesn't matter if your Instagram account is personal, professional, or you are representing a brand: if you take color seriously, you need to try Colorkuler” — Domestika


“The best design tool to create your color palette for Instagram is Colorkuler.” — Crehana


“Colorkuler is a gem for marketing folks who want to increase their reach and attract new followers, but your regular Instagrammers can also use it to make their profiles look a little more aesthetic! ” — ITGEARED

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Trusted by 4+ million users

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