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Instagram Color Palette

Dominant colors of your Instagram feed

Profile Color

A mix of dominant colors of your feed.

“Colorkuler doesn't care you who are. It doesn't care what you're about. It just wants you to know what your color palette is, regardless of how monochromatic it might be.” — BuzzFeed

“Everyone has been sharing the color palette of their Instagram lately, which is yours? Of course, they didn’t use the color picker in Photoshop to draw a conclusion: instead, Colorkuler did the work for them.” — Freepik

“It doesn't matter if your Instagram account is personal, professional, or you are representing a brand: if you take color seriously, you need to try Colorkuler” — Domestika

“The best design tool to create your color palette for Instagram is Colorkuler.” — Crehana


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    Instagram Color Palette
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    Instagram Color Palette
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